June 26, 2012

teenage dream

I love these outtakes by Petra Collins of Tavi Gevinson for the latest issue of Oyster magazine.
(obviously, I couldn't narrow down my favorites...)

I feel you should definitely be listening to Heart or The Virgin Suicides soundtrack as you look through these photos and dream of a summer filled with adventuring and magic moments. 

Not only do I plan on dreaming of this but actually doing this. Me, my camera(s), my closest friends, mini road trips, mixtapes, day drinking, playing dress up (come on, you are never too old to play dress up), dancing (even if it's just a two person dance party like this Girls clip) and living freely like we did when we were kids. Remember when summer time was actually a break until adulthood struck and summer time was pretty much just like any other time except hotter? Even with work, I am going to make an effort to have these little escapes. Live in a paradise lost. I probably should start stocking back up on film and organizing my itunes to make some killer playlists...

Is it weird to be inspired by a 16 and 19 year old? I wish there were girls like Tavi and Petra around when I was a teenager. Maybe I would have actually had friends in high school or at least friends that shared my eccentric tastes (when I was 16 nobody I knew loved the movie Heathers and/or listened to Tears For Fears)... 


Is anyone going to any of the Rookie Road Trip dates?

Absolutely adore these polaroids.
love, love, love 


A. said...

she has definitely gotten cooler over the years... and how much do i wish i could go to the rookie road trip!

Anonymous said...

tavi is so fantastic. these are great photos!

Jessica said...

i recently stumbled upon some of those on your tumblr. it's great that you're able to admit that you "admire" them in some way, although you're older and i agree that life might have been easier on me at some points if there were more 16 year olds like tavi out there.

kind regards,
german tears for fears lover

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