July 8, 2012

aren't we all the same kind of people?

It's a late Saturday night or technically Sunday now that it's past midnight and I am YOLOing the shit out of it. And by YOLOing it, I mean sitting up, drinking a glass of wine out of mason jar and over-analyzing...not able to sleep whatsoever (this is actually nothing new, due to my insomniac tendencies anyways).

Outside my window, I can see heat lightening. I wish it were lightening to be accompany by a  rainstorm but I'll take what I can get. 

Currently, I am processing a lot of emotions that I haven't felt in a while. It's not like I am complete robot but sometimes I feel that I am. Then something comes along that throws you through a bit of loop and your mind doesn't compute...

My mind as of late. 
(obviously, I would be the one of the left)

So many questions and so little answers. 
Answers for myself and for others. 
Sometimes I feel like I am flailing, yet in a strange way making more progress than I have all last year. Everything is confusing, yet makes perfect sense.
I am here but I am not.

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