July 10, 2012

be yankin'

So, I FINALY got all caught up watching the HBO show Girls. I had stopped around episode 6 and this morning I dedicated myself to finishing the rest of the season. I still can't say that "I'm like SO totally obsessed" with this show but I do enjoy it when I remember to watch it. 

The clip below has to be one of my favorite scenes out of the ENTIRE season. If for some reason I were to ever get married, I am pretty sure a song like this would be playing because I am such a conventional young lady like that. 

Okay and the crackcident episode with Shoshanna was pretty amazing. 

What is everyone else's thoughts on this show now that the first season has finished? Do you think you are going to watch the second season? Am I the only one that thinks that Charlie is a babe, even after he got that haircut? Also, I can't be the only one that thinks Marnie is a megabitch (I was going to say another word but I decided to take the high road)? And Adam? Hannah? Shoshanna? Jessa? Is this show really the Sex & The City for the 20-something year olds? If so, how do you identify with most. I remember I used to be a Carrie (but wasn't everyone?)

Go on now...discuss. 


Jessica said...

i considered myself as a miranda actually (but i guess that was just to revolt against the common belief or something, haha). with girls i'd probably be a mixture of hannah and jessa. my favorite character was adam though, especially towards the end

Patrice said...

haha, I like your revolt against the conventional "I'm a Carrie, for sure."

I am with you in thinking I am a mixture of Hannah and Jessa but some say I am a mixture of Jessa and Marnie and I don't know how I feel about that. And I LOVED Adam towards the end, especially in the season finale. I don't want to ruin it for others...

BTW, just went through your blog and I love it! Totally adding to my blogroll and I am going to have to steal you idea of a Helmut Newton post.

A. said...

i'm just now getting caught up too... it's about time!

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