September 26, 2012

Today I got my hair did! I'm one step closer to revamping my look for fall. 
I couldn't commit to full frontal bangin', though. 
 Nor could I allow my hairdresser to cut my bangs, I did it myself as always. 
Next step, to do some purging of clothes and some retail therapy soon. I am ready for sweater weather!! 

In other news, I've been crazy busy working. I am hoping to update this blog more frequently. There is tons to share, just need to carve out time to do so. As of late, I've been doing a lot of writing, brainstorming projects, going through photos, making mixes and daydreaming of cooler weather, rainy days, homemade cider spiked with Jameson and cuddling with my little monster Atticus. 

Don't let his looks deceive you. 

He's a cracked out wild child. 

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