October 2, 2012

all the leaves are brown

It's very important to know that fall is my favorite season and halloween is my favorite holiday. Our house is about to turn into Halloween town very soon and it's only the first week of October. 

With the cooler weather, I've been spending more time outside. Reading on my patio with cider, exploring, adventuring, trying to find things to film. Yes film, not photograph. 

Incase you can't tell, I really romanticize this time of year. And I don't care how cliche it is. I like to layer, wear cosby sweaters, snuggle in bed on a cold day, all that shit. I eat it up, okay? I EAT. IT. UP!

Today I have a proper day off. It's been insanely productive. It's not even one in the afternoon and I've already did more than most people do in a day. 

Expect a few more blog posts by the end of the day. 

Until then, I shall be locked away trying to revamp or at least update my website
I still have photos from over the summer to go through and some fun Dum Dum Girls and Delta Spirit photos to share. 

Maybe a mix might be thrown on here soon. Speaking of music, what is everyone listening to these days. I am in dire need of new(ish) music to listen. So everyone list the top 5 things they are listening to OR new artists you think I should check out! 

Until next time.

gossip girl (just kidding, or am I...)

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Christelle said...

Here are some new artists I am listening to:
1. BRNS (belgian band). You can listen to their EP on Souncloud - http://brns.bandcamp.com/

2. Lianne La Havas

4. Alt-J

3. Christine and the Queens (french singer)

I think it's the only new artists I'm listenning to. Hope you enjoy them.

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