December 25, 2012

i only smile in the dark

(this photo was taken on a completely different day than the previous post.)

Sometimes I feel like Doug Funny. I wear a variation of the same thing everyday as of late because I am too lazy to think of outfits nor have I've been really buying too many clothes (I know, right?). And how can you go wrong with a black skinnies, a leather jacket and a top? Sometimes I like to get wild and wear my peacoat and/or throw on a scarf like pictured. 

This photo somehow fits the way I've been feeling and the music I've been listening to lately. Going through a major Sonic Youth, Sleater-Kinney and Garbage phase (a post about how Dum Dum Girls and myself met Shirley Manson back in August shall be posted soon!). I was definitely meant to be a teenager during the 90s. 

this song, well Sleater-Kinney in general, always gets me jumping around. Janet  fucking Weiss just killing it on the drums.

this song causes some serious hair whipping, whether in the car or around the house. Come on, just read the listen and read the lyrics and tell me this is the best song to listen to as you drive to work or school or wherever. Basically one of the best "FUCK YEAH!" songs.

and to conclude with a little Sonic Youth. 

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Caitlin said...

I had a dream that you, me, Natalie, and Jade were in a Sleater-Kinney cover band a few days ago.

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