December 25, 2012

oh mein m

I have A LOT of photos from over the summer that I have yet to share from my time of being an "honorary Dum Dum Girl" as Miss Malia put's it. 

I was a long-time fan before being lucky enough to finally see them live back in Febuary, but after spending time with them and them not only allowing me to photograph them live but trusting me enough to photograph them behind the scenes and tag along on some of their adventures, I went back home having three new heroes (if you have been reading my blog or know me in real life, you already know my relationship with Malia, therefore she was already a hero/mentor/friend before she joined the band to me). These girls make me want to practice my instruments more and start a band myself. If only I weren't so lazy! My drum kit whimpers in the garage from neglect. 

Here are some photos of the girls getting ready before a Chicago gig and photos that might be included on a series I am currently working on. 



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