January 5, 2013

whatever I am, you made me

With this cold dreary weather I've been vibing to Nina Simone a lot lately. 
"Well, I'm tryin' to be good
Like a woman can be.
But you kept on talking that talk to me
And as soon as I fell and you put me down
And now you got 'em talking 'bout me
All over this town
You know I can't can't eat a bite
And I can't sleep at night
Cause you got me doin' things
That you know ain't right
Don't criticize me, save me!
Whatever I am you made me
Whatever I got you gave me"

This album is ultimate. 

It suits every mood for me. It's actually the perfect Sunday morning album. I feel as I listen to something like "I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl", I should be in a robe with rollers in my hair, slowly swaying as I put on the kettle, make grits, eggs and toast...

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