January 6, 2013

why I need a suga daddy pt. 23

So, the other night I was a boutique that shall remain nameless just incase I get crazy and decide to go back and splurge. 

This place also trapped me into trying on all these gorgeous lingerie pieces from France that were well out of my price range, well I guess if I weren't saving for bigger things and/or had someone to show these items off to, I may have bought a couple see through brassieres or some fancy lace knickers. I may appear to be what one might call a "tomboy" but I do appreciate good lingerie. But I can't justify spending a ridiculous amount on undergarments when I can just go to Victoria's Secret (judge all you want, I am not made of money, okay?), you know what I mean?

Anyways, THE most lush dress I have tried on recently. It just hits you in all the right places.

Basically, I NEED this Mara Hoffman floor length dress. I mean, c'mon it's only like $300...
I'm just going to add a paypal donation button to my blog so WE can get me this dress. :P

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