February 28, 2010

Non Plus One

I wasn't going to post this on here since I've already posted it a little while back on my tumblr (my inspiration blog) but I couldn't resist.

This is truly lovely and incredibly enjoyable.

Gia Coppola co-directed this with Tracey Antonopoulos.

This short stars Jason Schwartzman (I swear I'll stop talking about him) and Kirsten Dunst. It's in support of the new line at Opening Ceremony.

The first minute is silent but after that your ears will have the pleasure of hearing Jason's band, Coconut Records playing. The song is called "Is This Sound Okay?"

I really adore this short and wish real life were like this.

Also, why wasn't I born a Coppola? Something in the genes, man. Everyone in that family is so incredibly talented. Have you guys SEEN Gia Coppola's photos? If you haven't you need to. Check it here. I count her as one of my inspirations.

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Dee said...

This is darling. Thanks for sharing.

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