April 22, 2010

Colt .45

Turbo Fruits is another Nasvhille band that I am currently loving at the moment. Their songs are insanely catchy and they put on a great live show. Do you want to see someone hang from the rafters? Then this is a band for you.

In one week, I saw them 5 times. Once in Lawrence, KS and the rest during SXSW, which they planned a crazy amount of 17 shows.

They are definitely a band worthy of your time to either:

-see play live (and buy some merch)
-go to their myspace page and take a listen.
-go to your local record shop and pick up their CDs.

oh and one time Jonas had me cut his hair. I probably fucked it up and he is too much of a gentleman to say I fucked up his hair.

you can see more photos that I have taken of Turbo Fruits on my Flickr.

Turbo Fruits is going on tour again this summer, but overseas. All my abroad friends, make sure you check out their shows and bring your friends. You won't regret it. Again, check out their myspace to see if they are coming near you!

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