April 17, 2010

standing in the way of control

Today, I saw the Gossip live and it was AMAZING. The Gossip live is like being in your own personal episode of SKINS. Seriously. You have no choice but to dance for your life (okay, I may be watching a little too much television if I am through Ru Paul's Drag Race references in here.)

Anyways, I already knew Beth Ditto was a badass but see her on stage. Wowzaaaa!

Also, I realize this blog has been scattered lately. My attention span is like the size of a gobstopper these days and I need to back track on some of the past adventures before I completely forget what happened. So stay tuned for more SXSW stories, Kelsey and I's Zoo adventure/exploration, Cali adventuring, Coachella etc etc.

Some videos for your eyezzz and earzzz!

SKINS advert

Official video

1 comment:

dazed said...

Missing the original cast of Skins dearly.

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