April 3, 2010

you say it's your birthday?!

ph: sharon jackson aka my mother (she is really proud that the 'roid she took turned out well)

ice cream cake from Dairy Queen = super dangerous

Pink champagne cupacake from Dean & DeLuca (SO GOOD!)

I ate so much cake and ice cream, I should've busted out the elastic waist pants. My tummy is filled with sweet goodness. There are only a few times you get to indulge like this. Tomorrow back to regular diet without sweets and cakes.

Today is/was my birthday. I can’t believe how old I am. My birthday was really low-key since I don’t have many friends in KS, I spent it with my family. Which I feel may be shocking to most people. No throwing up and blacking out on streets of Paris for me this year.

The last time I proper celebrated my birthday with good friends was when I was 14. And that was a very long time ago. Anyways, I got some rad/silly gifts.

don't be jealous



this is the part where i started singing and dancing to "ice cream paint job" by dorrough

then my dog joined the festivities, she turns 17 this month!

Luckily, I have a really awesome family or every year my birthday would be severely depressing, as if aging isn't already depressing enough. I still consider my birthday just another day but this year, for some reason, my family decided to make it special. And I love them for that.

As you can tell, there was a theme with the gifts I received.

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Felicia said...

Hope you had a fantastic birthday, these photos say you did!
I'm sure this new age has got a lot of great things in stock for you :)

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