April 2, 2010

quivers down the backbone

This is seriously the jam. My friends and I are in love with. Originially by Johnny Kidd & The Pirates, Turbo Fruits do a killer job covering it and I hope they record it one day and put it on a 7" because that shit would be bananas.

Sorry if the quality of the video seems really shitty. I've had the same digital point and shoot camera since like 2006. I need to get a new one.

Here is the video. You should totally watch it. You won't regret. And a fair warning, there is going to be a lot of talking about turbo fruits on this blog since I have so much footage and so may photographs and they deserved to be heard and seen, and you guys NEED to go to their shows, I know they are still touring with Surfer Blood until the end of the month. Both are great.

Well, now that I am done rambling here is the video, my first proper upload on youtube! This could be potentially dangerous that I now know how to upload videos on youtube.

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