April 2, 2010

your eyes are wide but there is a world that keeps you blind

This day was good and bad. I got see Darker My Love play, which is always a pleasure seeing them play and hanging with them. *double chest pound and peace sign* shout out to my dudezzzz. They have an awesome blog you should read as well and if you aren't listening to their music already, what are you doing with your life? Watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, wait so am I....

I believe the date of these activities was Friday the 19th of March.

First I saw Darker My Love play at Red Eyed Fly. Loving the new material.

Tried to catch BRMC and Dr. Dog at another venue but that didn't happen. :(

Road out with DML and Malia (badass photographer and awesome friend, check her work) to Trailer Space Records.

The following bands were playing that day:


The Baths
Ratas Del Vaticano
Davila 666
Soft Pack (aka The Muslims, who you also need to check out because they are wicked awesome)
Grass Widow
Darker My Love
Thee Oh Sees (saw them play earlier in the week, they put on RAD as hell live show)

Of these bands I saw none of them. Personal issues arose (being sickly sucks) and I had to head back to the hotel and lay down for a bit if I were going to see anymore shows that evening. Yet it was cool to hang with the dudes, even if it were just for a hot minute.

Also, just to let you know, the "convenient" store acrosss the street from Trailer Space Records does NOT have "fresh" coffee or coffee at all to be frank. But they have all the 40s your little liver can handle!

Anyways, here are some of the pictures from that day.


hi tim!!

Jared looking too kool for skool with his shades.

Malia photographing or video-ing, you never know which she is doing.

this just seems like a deathly combination. like redbull and whiskey together. YAHTZEE! I guess Will is just bad ass like that.

Speaking of deathly combinations, remember that time when I was in Brighton, England seeing FOALS and there was Cambodian whiskey with a snake in it? Well, I feel like it's appropriate to show some photos of that now.

That is just dysentery and death waiting to happen.

Anyways, the next post shall hopefully NOT involve any sort of deathly combinations and more music. Later that evening, I got my last fix of Turbo Fruits and last fix of JEFF and learned a new drinking game. Stay tuned.

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