May 4, 2010

my life in mobile pictures pt 2

really amazing breakfast in Big Sur. I think the place was called Whale Watchers or something along those lines.
lunch in Big Sur, where we ate 8 dollar fries. HO-LEE shiittt.

Jameson on sale for 16.99??

Joanna and Stevie

decisions to make at Denny's
then we watched Spice World (a DVD I may or may not have brought to Cali with me), I KNOW you are jealous. Girl Power! Yes? No, okay...
the red short shorts made another appearance this year during Coachella weekend.

lunch at a really good place called Luscious Lorraine's in Palm Desert.

chicken and lettuce wrap
carrot ginger soup
egg salad with fresh basil
shirt made by my friend Caitlin McMullen. She is awesome.

This girl wins most adorable award for Coachella weekend. Her name is Sakura (Japanese for Cherry Blossom, like the AIR Song, "Cherry Blossom Girl".

Malia and I went to IKEA.

then we had lunch/early dinner/dessert at Alcove.

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kwhip said...

Those red shorty shorts!

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