May 5, 2010

i wanna live like common people

Starting my morning off with some Pulp.

Jarvis Cocker = ♥


catalina said...

umm, fyi i am super bummed that you left twitter that this sad emoticon :( doesn't even begin to cover it

*super depressed emoticon here*

kwhip said...

I fucking love this music video and all of Jarvis' dance moves.

Patrice said...

Catalina, I am sad too that I deleted our main source of communication. We'll have to do via each other's blog. Who else can relate to my Kennedy obsession and talk about "remember back in the 90s when pogs ruled?" No one. *sobbing emoticon here*

When I visit Chicago this summer, we are hanging again, because that was too much fun. And can we be our own police on rollerblades stopping pesty kids from touch the bean?

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