May 5, 2010

my life in mobile pictures pt 3

Love Garden Sounds (Lawrence, KS) is always recommending awesome music and I am always spending way too much money there. It's one of my favorite record stores. Definitely in the top five for me.

Crazy ass Afro-Psych-Rock-Funk music from the 70s. Can't get enough.

more awesome stuff

Saw Phoenix in Kansas City and had an all out dance party with friends. So much fun. Love this band so much. They instantly lift my mood every time I see them live or listen to them. Try it, if you are feeling down, put on Phoenix and you can't help but wiggle around in your desk chair, bop around in your car, dance around in your underwear in room, you know things like that...they are better than great AND they think I'm french. Which c'est super cool!

me before heading to St. Louis to see CWK. Then it rain (hair ruined and all round lookin' a hot tranny mess by the end of the evening) and my leg got caught in a muddy pot hole. Nice...
Matt giving chill vibes
more chill vibes
ultra chill vibes
only on the missouri side of kansas city would a liquor store have these hours.

one day Joseph forgot his keys. so he climbed into his apartment to open the door

Does anyone know the photographer IN this photograph? And if you know who took it, that would be rad as well. The guys frames are ill. I want a pair like those.


Anonymous said...

the photo is of the photographer jamel shabazz. look up his work. look up his work. good stuff.

Anonymous said...

sorry, didn't mean to write 'look up his work' twice. but, i do advise you, and the readers of your blog, to look up his work.

Patrice said...

THANK YOU! I hear his work is dope as hell and I want to check it out.

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