June 3, 2010

dripping blue blood from the wrist

Today from my newly fixed Nikon N80. So glad to have this camera back, it's been too long.


catalina said...

soon you will be a drum MASTER and have set like Nick's on Freaks & Geeks.

and overalls have already made a comeback, but they're lame acid wash bull shit ones. i want to bring back my sweet plaid overall dresses, 5th grade style.

Patrice said...

Haha, yes!! I'll soon have a 30- something piece drum kit! Then I'll rule.

Yeah, I want to bring back the OLD SCHOOL way of wearing overalls, not the hipster bullshit way. I am talking wearing flannel over my overalls Angela Chase styel of My So Called Life. And/or the overall dresses like you said.

Just like pogs, all of it is going to come back and we will be ready, Catalina.

rosanguyen said...

Is that some thrifting I see here? :O
Thats such a big range of stuff. OMG I SEE "BACK TO THE FUTURE"

Anonymous said...

wow how did you get your photos to have this effect? theyre great!

Patrice said...

Well with these photos it was just my film camera. In the previous post, it's the iphone app camerabag and I use the Helga effect.

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