June 3, 2010

hell yeahhh

I had SUCH a great day today. WAY better than the shit storm that was yesterday.

I went out with my friend Dustin and we went to Lawrence to go thrifting and antiquing.

(I even saw a new bicycle I may want to buy when I come back from New York and Chicago!)

Now for mobile pictures:

Dustin SO wanted these boots.
The Kramer
Who doesn't love Bill Cosby?

We ate at The Mad Greek for lunch and had gyros, pita wraps and an afternooon drink.

Dustin's new ride.
The actual owner of this ride.

(so this guy was wearing overalls, which I SWEAR are going to make a comback, you just wait. I am ready to bust mines back out and wear it TLC style with one strap off.)

I got my OWN drum kit. Chicka-yeahhh!

Then, a random neighbor (David was his name) of Dustin's came and showed us how things are done. He busted shit out even though he was right handed and I play left handed.

And now I am learning how to play the drums, for realsies!! AHHH EXCITING!

More photos later from our adventures when I get my roll of film developed.

NOTE: So to explain the title of this blog post a little bit, besides it being just a awesome day. So, Dustin saw this band play recently and the band ended everything with a husky "HELL YEAHHH!" So, today after every sentence we would add "hell yeahhh", it was mindless fun. I need more days like today. For the motherfucking realzzzz.

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rachel said...

I'm soooooooooo glad you had a great day!!!!!! :)

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