June 22, 2010


Real talk, I just bought my ticket for the midnight showing of Twlight Eclipse. I should have a little shame but I don't. I am sadly obsessed with these films and Robert Pattinson.

trailer #1

Trailer #2

Now I am going out to rent Remember Me because surprisingly, I didn't see it in theaters.


Kelsey said...

I bought my ticket the day they went on sale, and I wasn't even embarrassed. And someone told me the ending to "Remember Me," and now I can never see it because I would totally cry and probably never get over it.

discothequechic said...

oh gosh, me and the girls went to the midnight screening of new moon last year. in all honesty it's nice to have an excuse to drag friends to a night time screening regardless.

I kind of feel like my love for edward and rpattz has faded. hopefully eclipse will relight the flame of vampy lusting. let me know how Remember Me is! X

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