June 24, 2010

shakin all over

Tomorrow I am going to be in Chicago and I am hella excited. Do people still use "hella"? Well, I do, so whatevs. I am excited to see my friends and chill.

If you by chance find yourself bored on a Saturday night, you should come see a great band called Turbo Fruits play at Schubas.

Mah girls and myself plan on turning it into a shit show and par-tay-ing downnnnn! So come dance with us if you see us up front turning it out.

"Shakin" - Turbo Fruits

Video by me and my shitty point and shoot camera. I need to upgrade.


Anonymous said...

hell yeahhhhhhhhhh
love, rachel

{ I V Y } said...

yay have fun!

Kelsey said...

Have fun!

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