July 14, 2010


photo: unknown

I PROMISE to start updating this more often. Right now I am just really stressed. Just came off a 10 day master cleans and I have a lot of projects going on at once.

I can't wait to eventually reveal some of the projects that are in the works currently.

Other things going on my life... I've been trying to get inspired by photography again. I am in slump I can't get out of. I am not satisfied with any of my work recently and I am thinking about selling some of cameras and getting a medium format camera and doing more portraiture work. I also need to go back to Europe soon. I just need to refocus and concentrate on myself, my health, getting better.

My friend Adia and her young sister have come in town to visit. Pretty much we have been sitting around eating Japanese food and watching amazing 90s movies like She's All That.

Things I am listening to: The Shangri-Las, April March The Sonics, Serge Gainsbourg, Beck, FOALS, Mystery Jets
Book I am reading: East of Eden by John Steinbeck
Movies I have next in my queue: Alphaville, Contempt, Blade Runner


Jade said...

Hopefully we get out of our slumps soon. At least we're in it together!


Patrice said...

same here. if only we were drinking gin or whiskey together and throwing ideas back and forth at each other.

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