July 23, 2010

trying to colour in between the dotted lines

Soooo, I am taking another hiatus. There is so much to do and so little time and I really need to focus and get organized. If you need to contact me you can:

1. Email me/Facebook me
2. Call me old fashion, but there is this thing called a phone that you can use as well, just dial hell and I'll answer
3. Send a pigeon carrier, preferably named Mordeci

So I am going to give a scattered rundown of what's going on in the shit storm that is the world of Patrice. You know, projects, what I'm reading, watching, listening to, and other vibezzz. Get your reading glasses on, because this is going to be a long post. I think I am going to break it down into two posts since there is SO MUCH random shit going on and I've been getting nostalgic on things, you know how it goes...

Recently, I did an interview with Turbo Fruits for Popwreckoning (which I am now contributing to.)

photo by: me

It was interesting to say the least. I was quite nervous, being that it was my first proper interview with a band. The band were troopers answering my bizarre questions. You can read the edited down version on Popwreckoning. Later, I'll post the things that were to risque to include in the interview. I'll post it tomorrow, so I guess my hiatus doesn't begin until Sunday...

JEFF the brotherhood's 7" Mellow Out is now available on iTunes and you can order the vinyl online as well (psssst, get the glow in the dark one, duhhh.)

They are using my one of my photos as the cover.

photo by: me

And isn't it genius that Beach Fossils are all wearing Lady GaGa shirts? I know I had a laugh. You can read my review of their show in Lawrence, KS on Popwreckoning.

photo by: me

Next week, I have the pleasure of interviewing and photographing the lovely boys of of Tokyo Police Club. I feel so nostalgic about this band. The days of X's on your hands from being underage and sneaking into 21+ venues. 2007 seems like ages ago when I first saw them with Cold War Kids, everyone was just babies. It's always interesting to watch a band grow as you grow yourself. Now we are all adults. Craziness. Okay, I am done with this little Hallmark moment.

Photos taken by me with a disposable camera (the wave of the future I tell you!) from Coachella this year at some house party in Palm Springs.

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