August 7, 2010

my life in mobile pictures pt 4

I was SO fortunate enough to take my younger sister to the Justin Bieber concert last week and we had incredible seats. I wish I had seats like that when I was going through my teeny bopper, "Omg I love you JT". Actually, I was more of a BSB girl but was a total secret N'sync fan (since you could be both back in middle school). Best concerts of 2001 BSB Black & Blue tour at All State Arena and N'sync Pop Odyssey tour at Soldiers field with BBMak opening (I know you remember BBMak.)

BBMak - Back Here

Trust, I still sport my BSB shirts. Laugh if you want.

I'm a non-beliber. (get it Bieber + Believer, okay I'm lame...)

This is how Dustin and I spend our time.

Remember, remember the 4th of November

Dustin's monkey called Jub Jub


ghetto shirt I made of my friends band Modern Painters (no THE)


Next (well eventually), I retrospective piece of S Club 7 and where the hell are they now?
I know I wasn't the only one back then watching the marathons on Saturday mornings. Really, there ain't no party like an S Club party.

And this one is dedicated to mah gurl Tasha. Hope you are having fun moving to Alabama! Yikesss.

Peace kidzzz.

SIDE NOTE: Oh and for those that have been asking (yes, I still read formspring, one day I'll do a post of answers), I'll be back in NYC next month. Just in time for fashion week...

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discothequechic said...

baha 'knock knock, shit happens.' best everr.

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