August 6, 2010

these heart swells, these context in your head

Alright, an update to what is happening around here.

At the moment, I feel like I am turning a new leaf. With fall quickly approaching (it'll be September be fore you know it), school starting and working on a few projects, I am training my mind to be focus and cut out a lot of distractions in my life and clean the clutter in my living space and body. Which means, less internet time (I am pretty sure everyone says this to themselves), eating better, more time at the yoga studio and spinning class and most importantly stop comparing myself to others and working towards the future instead of living in the past. In addition, to stop over thinking things and self sabotaging myself. I just need to take a few step backs, breathe, break things down, and regroup.

Recently, I just emptied half of my closet for donation, even designer things *tear*. I've been trying to redo my wardrobe for fall to suit my shift of gears. I am trying to incorporate more feminine things into my closet. Granted, I am still going to have my "grudge" days...days I don't feel like messing about with my hair, days I can't be bothered to take of my nail polish, wearing shirts with holes, and throwing on those cliched torn tights and even more cliched docs/vintage boots...

...but I would also like to include some girlie things to mix.

photo by: Landon Metz

I wish I had Hannah's hair. It's pretty much perfect. This summer I cut my bangs with my brothers hair razors, it turned out quite well, but I am already annoyed by them. Heat+humidity does not act kindly toward those with thick curly hair.

photo by: Landon Metz

Other fashion inspirations:

I know most of you guys are played out on Miss. Chung, but I still love her style. And still love this photo.

most of you girls know how much I love my knee highs. And with open toe mary-jane heels, yes!

perfect mix of masculin and feminine

I forgot who these shoes are by, but I need them in my closet.

my ultimate fashion look this fall is the above, hair and all.

Uhh other things...I've taken up riding Withnail (my bike) more often. Lately, I've been neglecting him. Probably why breaks went out and I wiped out on the sidewalk. Ouch.

Everyday for the past two weeks I have taking solace in riding my bike early in the morning to go to my secret spot and watch the sunrise. Although this is only a brief moment, it's the only time in my day where I my head is clear, I am not thinking about things that are stressing me out, I am watching horses and cows roam about and life seems beautiful.

You can say this sudden outlook on life was due to a couple of friends and their most helpful emails/message. One dealing with boys, *eye roll* of course). The other dealing with life, in general. Both served as a big slap in a face, which is what I needed. These two people did not tip toe around my feelings, they served it to me raw. It was the kick in the ass I needed.

Now back to attempting work.

Films I've seen lately: INCEPTION (AGAIN!!!), American Movie, Un Chien Adalou, THX 1138, When Your Strange, The Seventh Seal, Videodrome

Current Tunes: Sebastien Tellier, Yann Tiersen, thenewno2 (throwing off my french theme) and AIR

Books: FINALLY finished East of Eden and instead of moving onto Anna Karenina I am reading Political Fictions by Joan Didion

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