October 14, 2010

i need to get some movement, get out of my headspace

I really shouldn't have to say anything about this band. But pretty much We Barbarians are the icing on my cupcake. Lovely fellas, amazing musicians and you HAVE to see them live, that is if you haven't already on their tour with Ra Ra Riot, even then you should go see them again. Their energy on stage is incredible and they just have a really strong presence that is infectious.

Here are some photos from the Lawrence, KS show last weekend. Which was a blast despite me getting sick (but what else new? Really, when am I not getting sick? I should start stating I feel good because that would shock people more than saying I don't feel well).

Anyways, Chloe, Kristen and I haven't seen them since December of 2007 (but back then we didn't know each other...) and it was Julia's first time seeing them. I would say it was a good evening and it was fun walking about Lawrence, adventuring.

Plus, the bartender complimented SO many of our drinks. I am not talking just beer, we are ladies of class. I am talking Jameson and Tanqueray...thanks dude at the Granada!

And as you know, I wear their shirt all the time, you'd think it's the only shirt I own. It's practical falling apart but it's a rad ass t-shirt. Let's reminiscence on some class photos of Chloe and I werrrking the shirts.

Coachella '09 photos
take by Kelsey Whipple

photo below is by me.

LASTLY. Come to this event!

My friend Sam (Fan The Fire Magazine) from the UK is throwing his first American event, with our dear friends We Barbarians and Deep Sea Diver (Jessica is bad ass!) playing.


Felicia said...

i dont blame you, thats a great looking t-shirt

TristanEmma said...

I may have to go see them with Cold War Kids now! Thanks for the suggestions. They look like some good lookin' fellows.

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