October 31, 2010

two steps, twice

It's been a minute since I've updated this thing. I'll get back to posting regularly again soon. Look out for a mixtape and a lot of new photos and stories.

Here are some photos from NYC. CMJ was interesting to say the least, so many good stories to tell. Thinking about making a post filled with strange things that were said to my friends and I during that week. One being a guy coming up to me at a party and saying "you are SO heroin chic right now...it's HOT!"
uhhhh okay??

3am adventures
"can I take a picture of you with your disposable camera?"
hunx and his punx
just practicing our new dance moves
golden triangle, OJ was on another level that night
I think it's been decided that this is ALL our favorite photo from CMJ.
Turbo Fruits//Panache Showcase//Knitting Factory
And check these boys in NYLON along with some more of Nashville's finest!
We just left a trail of Strongbow at Knitting Factory one night.

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