November 2, 2010

souvlaki space station

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ph. Annette Pehrsson
Night two of not sleeping, heading into 36 or so hours without sleep but I am being crazy productive. My priorities may not entirely be in order but most of next year festival season is planned, booked, all that good stuff, knocking out coursework readings, responding to emails and letters, making mixtapes and now I am about to go on a run. Aiming for 11 miles but I'll probably only do 7, I'll make up for it later riding my bike around.

Current tunes: Slowdive, "Souvlaki Space Station" was on repeat for a while...
Current reads: Palo Alto by James Franco (Don't judge me! I'm curious about his writing)

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Felicia said...

i'm curious about his writing aswell, i know it's been universally panned, but critics are assholes and I like to judge for myself.

I read one of his short stories a while ago and it wasn't so good, but you can't blame a guy for trying.

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