November 1, 2010

"Yo, I saw a show in Rhode Island and it was wicked ass"

Our last night of CMJ was pretty epic in good and bad ways. For starters, I didn't get more than 2 hours of sleep the night before and had to be at the Knitting Factory at noon to shoot some party. Yeah that didn't really happen. Lounged around the apartment, drank a lot of coffee, ate a croissant, stared at my International Relations coursework, listened to a lot of Jacques Dutronc and then strolled into Knitting Factory around 2 just in time to see Ty Segall, who RULED. (If all my film were developed I would insert of photo of Ty Segall right about now...)

We were all in our own personal hell (Caitlin, Leia and myself). So, being the genius that I am, I thought maybe we should just all get drunk and stay drunk to make the day more bearable and everything 10x more entertaining. Yeah...

I was trying to do my best to blend into the wall with my drink at Knitting Factory but that did not stop creepers from wanting to talk.

One of many entertaining conversations from CMJ:

guy - "Hey, sooo, you should like TOTALLY check out my band Social Studies...we are playing later tonight at *name I forget*, it's going to be a total house show vibe. It would be really cool if you came..."
me- "oh yeah...maybe..."
guy - "Cooool. This may sound weird but can I take a picture of you?"
he then proceeds to pull out his phone
me- "umm sorry, no..."
then I walked away

Other bands I caught during the Knitting Factory day party was Crocodiles, JAILL (eek...), and I was going to stay for Maximum Balloons but realized my girl Marnie Stern was playing at Public Assembly, so I ran down there to catch her set.

Seeing Marnie was so awesome. She TORE. IT. UP.

Can't wait to get the film back from this. I think I got some good live shots, candids and group photos. She pretty much saved my ass, I now have something good to write about for Popwreckoning.

Hanging with Marnie made me miss the good times of SXSW 09! Our crew was the best.

The Vajayjay's *if you know Marnie or ever been to a Marnie show it's ALL vagina talk.
(Marnie = shredder Malia= bass slapping Me= drumzzz Fig (the dog)= moral support)

Fast foward...Caitlin, Leia, and I all met back up for dinner and more drinks. Before that Leia and I were at the Levee where she a Beam Cream (???), I don't know, it was just a lot of nasty Jim Beam whiskey and cream soda. After food and drinks we went to the Knitting Factory for the Panache showcase. It was awesome. Saw Tog (seriously Leia and I's new obsession), PUJOL (fucking awesome), Heavy Cream and of course Turbo Fruits (do I even need to say they rule?). It was a fun show, lots of dancing, laughing, strongbow and jameson. Found some pretty embarrassing yet highly hilarious crowd shots of myself from that showcase.

*this not being one of them...that's just us being completely normal...
It sucks we couldn't stay to see Ty Segall and AIDS Wolf and apparently we missed an interesting after party at the sketch ass Shank (pretty much junkies hang out there...) Instead we were at another sketch party. By the end of the evening, well errr morning, we ended up at Kellogg's eating some much needed food at 4am.

Some class quotes from other people:
(more quotes in a later post)
"Our band's name is called muuuusic..."
"I feel like I could BE Usher"
"Yo, I saw a show in Rhode Island and it was wicked ass"
"You are from DC? For realz? Yo, I heard in DC they are like mad crazy about their fashions" *I actually said I am from KC but I guess DC is close enough? Not really but okay...
"Can I take a picture of you, with your disposable camera?"

Words/phrases most used by us:
we should make a drinking game about this, kind of like the Withnail and I drinking game. I am sure it would be just as lethal.

"that's fine"
"uhhh, okay"
"my life is a joke"
"is this real life?"
"your team"
"I need a drink"
"no big deal"

This is our new band photo. We are a DJ trio and sometimes play instruments. We are calling ourselves Turtleneck Mafia...don't ask, one of those "you just had to be there"...

more stories soon from all the adventuring this month.

Not going to lie, it's been nice being back at home and having consistency. It's going to be weird being here for the next few months. I am pretty sure this will be the longest I've stayed home in almost 2 years! Should be home for 3-4 months. Time to regroup, get my life in order and all that existential shit.

Recently I bought a huge map of the U.S. marking off places I don't want to move to. Choices on where to move to is looking pretty bleak. If it were simple to hop across the pond, I would be there in a heartbeat, but of course it's not, so stuck in the U.S. for now.


Jasmine said...

I bet LA is on top of that list :)

leiaj said...

This just made me so happy hhahaha

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