November 12, 2010

stoned to death

I am still developing as "writer". Which translates into I SUCK as a writer. I can barely write my own name much less a review, yet here is my attempt of what I thought were the best acts of CMJ for Popwreckoning. Don't laugh, but it's okay if you do. I'll only hold it slightly against you.

I am still pissed that the cameras I normally use broke RIGHT before I left for 3 weeks. Legit, packing the night before leaving for Los Angeles and I was testing all my cameras to find out two of my lenses were broken. Of course, when I realised this it was too late to go to a camera shop a rent a lens (why do camera shops in KC close at like 5pm?) and I definitely couldn't afford to buy one straight I had to result to the OG analog minolta f/2.4, no flash (yikesss) and also the oh so classic disposable camera. And you know you mean business when you take a photo with your iPhone.

For example:

*you don't even need to say it because I already know. yeah. Totally FUBAR the whole situation.

Golden Triangle at Shea Stadium

Needless to say, my photos weren't up to par. Let's be honest, they were quite shit, but what can you do? Have to make use of what you got I suppose...still sucks though.

Check it out if you want. A Foals piece is soon to come as well.

Additional note: One may ask why didn't I just rent a lens in the various cities I was in. Well that would be cool if the lens I use wasn't worth about 1,000 dollars, so when you rent a lens they take out that money until the lens you rent is returned, and then they'll credit your money back anywhere from 3-5 business days. 1,000 dollars is a lot of money not to have access to whilst travelling. Especially with my tendencies of falling ill and landing in hospitals (I think it's safe to joke about that now, yeah?). So, you can see my dilemma.


In KC they roll differently. For some reason they trust their customers, so you can rent a lens for as long as you like and then you pay for the rental fee when you are done. Simple as that...

Well, enough whining. I have lenses again and all is well.

Coming soon, Caitlin's photos from CMJ. They'll give you a good laugh. At least it did for us.

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