November 14, 2010

this house is a circus, beserk as fuck

I am never going to get done updating all the adventures from last month. Here are some more from NYC. So many weird things happened throughout CMJ, I am still baffled by some of it.

All photos are by Caitlin McMullen unless stated otherwise.

So we went to the Panache Showcase (as you already know, if you have been keeping up with the blog). It was awesome. We drank a lot of strongbow and whiskey. Danced it out and it was a lot of fun.

*I don't understand how Caitlin always remains normal in photos and Leia and I always look most ridiculous.

photos of me at the Turbo Fruits show keeps popping up everywhere and everyone feels inclined to send them to me. There is an epic one taken by Edwina Hay, she even put it on her official photography website...that's fine... I even think there are a couple on brooklyn vegan which Leia took photos for.

I wouldn't be nearly embarrassed if it weren't for the fact that I am in it looking gross. Leia hates that she is in the photo as well, besides that it's a cool photo.

Caitlin took this one.
seriously though, it could be worse. I could be the kid in this photo I took at the show.

dude is seriously posing with Jonas as if it's prom. One of my favorite photos from this year, for sure.

if you are FB friends with me you saw the caption...Leia is our special friend.

it was SO fun shooting CMJ with an old analog minolta camera. SO fun.
this one was taken by Leia. I swear I get so lazy when I am in BK. I just sit around the apartment watching movies and doing "stuff" on my laptop.

this was the last day I was in new york, CMJ was done and we all hated life (sleep deprived and so much work to do; pieces to write, photos to get develop and/or edit).

Just standing outside our local joint. Seriously, it's the best.

This was taken at 3am . We were watching Remember Me, because we are cool like that. It seems like it has become tradition for us to stay up all night the night before I leave. I always book early flights and my flight was at 5:45am. So obviously there was no point in trying to sleep and I am an insomniac anyways so...

Well, I had pretty much had zero clean clothes after nearly a month of traveling. So the only shirt that didn't smell gross, was my Mystery Jets shirt. Okay, I DO love this shirt but as you can tell I get a lot of strange looks wearing it. You can imagine what it was like at the airport. One of the ladies at security took a look at my shirt, just shook her head and notion me to go get my bags...

here is a closer look at what is printed on my Mystery Jets shirt. It's so gross but I still love it.

I'd say it's much more tame than The Virgins dicks shirt...does anyone remember those?

Anyways, my life in mobile pictures is making a comeback on the blog. Wait for it! There are some winners on there.

Expect a flood of updates from my trips mixed in with other random posts.


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