February 5, 2011

I Don't Need Your Tas-T

I think it's high time I made a new post for anyone out there that is still checking this...

Erm, so I guess you want to know the recent happenings with me? The two latest things for me has been going to Nashville and like I stated in a previous post, being in the ISM Community book Still Developing (which you should buy, just saying). Some awesome people that I am grateful to call some of them my friends are in it! Matt Maust, Matt Wignall, Zoe Raquel, Kevin Staniec and Zoe Anastasia all have contributed. Then their is the lovely Giuliana Petoia who graces the cover! The photo was taken by the genius Matt Wignall.

*click the hyperlinks to lead you to magical sites.

Anyways, I went to Nashville for a week towards the end of December until the beginning of January. I had a rather good time, I don't know what I was expecting but it was completely different than I had imagined. I caught a lot of good bands, hung with friends and met some awesome new people as well. Everyone is so nice there! I suppose it's that southern hospitality for you.

Alright, time for an overload of photos. I tried just to pick my favorites but I am so damn indecisive. Other photos included are by Bekah Cope.

Natural Child ph. Emily Quirk

Turbo Fruits

Bekah just being a badass.


ph. Bekah Cope

John and I are matching. Pretty sure that rando fucked up chick took this photo.

ph. Bekah Cope



Turbo Fruits

*I think is one of my new favorite live photos. It slightly reminds me of the live photo I took of Peter Hayes (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club or simply BRMC) back in my prime.


ph. Bekah Cope

Coffee and Croissants at Fido's
ph. Bekah Cope

ph. Bekah Cope

jamin and jessica

cuties! (Bekah and Jordan)




jamin and myself

if you can imagine, well actually you can if you know me well...there are more photos on my flickr.

next my life in mobile photos from the past month or so...


Vibe on this until then.

"Blueberry Hill" - Fats Domino

*oh, so I may or may not be moving to Nashville for the summer before moving to NYC full time. Just thought I would slide that in there...Portland was in the running for a while until I realized it would be a bitch moving all my stuff from Portland to NYC...


Sara S said...

what timing! I might be moving out to London when you come to ny! All on the down low, however....

Colton Reed said...

Fat Domino, my finacee introduced me to him, great stuff.

I too was in TN end of Dec thru beginning of Jan.

Hope you've been well my dear.

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