February 13, 2011

Sean Lennon stops being polite and starts getting real

Scrolling through my News Feed this morning on FB, I stopped to read Sean Lennon's intense retort to some person's blog comment on the New York Magazine blog.

Click here to read the comment by adriancito he was responding to...

Now, the response that he posted on FB:

In what way am I to dress exactly that would please you? Has it occurred to any of you insightful people that I was in fact hired specifically because, and in order to dress in a rock and roll fashion? It was my bloody job to dress crazy that day, and frankly I enjoyed it! It doesn't mean I'm a bad person, it's just more fun than wearing flannel.

And it certainly doesn't make any of you better than me that you choose to read so negatively into my outer appearance. You are just bigots disguised as moralists.

I feel no need to apologize for dressing in a manner that you deem unacceptable for someone so despicable as myself. One need not apply for a license or be a professional couturier to have permission to dress as they please. One need not be the most successful, or the most loved, or the most suave or the most handsome, just to wear a pink bow-tie, a bowler, and an old coat. This is not Prussia, or Victorian England.

I am sorry that you are all so vacuous as to think you understand me simply because you dislike my clothes, that you think I have committed some criminal offense in having had a wealthy and successful father.

I will continue to make music and dress as I please, and none of you have any right to tell me I cannot or should not. You of course have a right to hate me for it, but then again, it's you who have to live with yourselves for being such judgmental idiots.

I wish you all luck in pursuing what must clearly be elevated and enlightened lifestyles. I yawn in awe at your 'moral supremacy.'

By the way, I could never in a million years think I was as cool as Steve McQueen, ad neither could you, so back the f-off.


Sean Ono Lennon

Thoughts? Now, it's no shock that Sean Lennon dresses unconventionally, the bowler hat people are complaining about is nothing new.

for example, my polaroid of him from SXSW last year...
so what makes this top news? Fashion week (*I am actually really glad not to be at fashion week this season)? Are people finally tired of seeing Lennon and Kemp Muhl all over the place? And lastly, why did Lennon have such a strong response to some random tosser's blog comment? Don't you think he's being a bit too sensitive about the matter?

I have my thoughts but I am more curious to everyone else's thoughts.


F. said...

he took it way too much to heart...maybe he was having some sort of bad day and that rando's comment kind of tipped him over the edge...i must admit that was a well written burn by a random commenter
i don't know why either of them cares so much to be honest and creating a response via facebook is kind of meh

Anonymous said...

ah, the perils of being a celebrity in this modern age, where only a quick self-google brings up oodles of (un)founded criticism, snarky jokes, and personal attacks. sean lennon makes a habit of dressing like a concussed dandyish turd; when one invites attention in such a way, he needs to make peace with the fact that not all of it will be positive. it is his right to dress however he pleases, and it is, (un)fortunately, everyone else's right to have an opinion on this. lennon is a target of much vitriol - and i feel for him - but i don't think he's handling this in the best way. stop obsessing over your google alerts, calm down, and don't resort to name calling, mr. lennon. compare/contrast this to justin long's gracious response to a movie critic who basically called him too ugly to play a romantic lead. (you can read about that fiasco here: http://jezebel.com/#!5678927/justin-longs-affability-ends-an-internet-flamewar)

Rosy said...

i think he was definitely overly sensitive about it, I feel like he must not use the internet too much or else he would know you don't take what's said a comment section seriously. He has a right to be hurt about it but he didn't need to make a public (i guess facebook is public) response, people need to stop googling themselves.

Jade said...

I've always liked the way he's dressed himself. It is a lot more interesting than how other musicians dress and it's done very tastefully. I don't think he's trying too hard at all. If he wants to wear certain outfits I think he should. He's doing a way better job of it than any other musician.

Coming from the girl who never brushes her hair and continuously wears the same black skinny jeans . . .


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