July 16, 2012

saw a glimmer from the way beyond

I've been tiptoeing around making this post about seeing The Maccabees last month in NYC for a while now....so many emotions leading up the show, during the show and after the show that I don't think I can properly write about that night without sounding like a major fangirl. Plus, it was one of those nights where you just want to keep certain aspects to yourself or close friends because it was just that magical. 

"Some things are hard to write about. After something happens to you, you go to write it down, and either you over dramatize it, or underplay it, exaggerate the wrong parts or ignore the important ones. At any rate, you never write it quite the way you want to." - Sylvia Plath

It was nice to let loose that night. It's been a while since I've been to a show that I was SUPER excited for. You know, in a way that you are counting down the days, you are getting butterflies in your stomach, it was like when I was first going to gigs for pure fun as kid. Those good ol' days where I would skip school or leave early to queue up hours before the gig actually started because I HAD to be upfront to see my favorite band. After several years of this "lifestyle" of traveling and seeing shows for work rather than pleasure, it was a breathe of fresh air.

 It was nice to know that I wasn't becoming completely numb to the experience of going to shows. I wasn't backstage barely paying attention to the show because I had seen the band a million times and/or it didn't really matter if I was upfront or not because it was a band I was super into. I wasn't there to take photographs for anyone, I was there for myself. I was there to get lost in the brilliance of this bands music and performance...dance, sing every lyric, make heart signs, feel young again, be wild, feel alive, be free. And goodness, what a magical evening it was. 

ph. Kristine 

I can't wait until I see them again in October with Florence & the Machine. Although the show won't be as intimate as the Webster Hall show in NYC, I am excited nonetheless and even more so since my friend Catalina is coming down from Chicago to see them with me.  

If you haven't seen The Maccabees live yet, you need to put that shit on your bucket list.
Their music will change your life and their live show will blow your mind. 
You'll walk away with a little bit of your heart missing because those lovely lads stole a piece of it. 

Here are some photos from that night. Taken with disposables, my film SLR and iphone...
You can see some polaroids here and here
kodak moment between Will + Guy

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