August 17, 2012

love at first sight

So, I'm a mother again! I wasn't sure when I would be ready to have a another dog again after the passing of my love last April but these past few months I've been really wanting to have a dog again. I miss having a little companion. He already gets on with everyone in the house and just all around freaking adorable. 

His name is a Atticus Withnail Jackson (do I really need to explain the reasoning behind his name? If you know me well enough you know...). 

He's a pure bred miniature australian shepherd and I'm in love. I am so lucky that I was able to make the drive out to get him after work today. It was well worth the hour or so drive with traffic and construction to get him. And for a price I couldn't resist... It was so hard to pick from the lot the owner had of these pups but this one was special and I knew he was the one when I was holding him and talking to the owner and he just fell asleep in my arms.

So far his likes to go for runs, listen to Fiona Apple and watch Wes Anderson films...I mean, like DUH.  Why wouldn't he like the things I like?

 those eyezzz! I bet he can glamour/compel* people if he wanted to...
(*true blood and/or vampire diaries reference which ever you prefer...)
He was really into 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' tonight. I think he might be my new movie, ehem, I mean film watching buddy. I just hope this doesn't give him any ideas to escape from his janky tote bed I made him this evening. 

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Anonymous said...

Woah, you're going to have a big 'bundle-o-joy' on your hands when he gets older.. lots of exercise for these breeds!

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