August 14, 2012

welcome to the tribe

I recently came across a new clothing brand called 10th tribe that I am really loving at the moment. The pieces are simple yet edgy. And isn't that what every girl is looking for? As much as I love my patterned and colorful clothing, sometimes I just want something more clean cut yet without feeling boring.

10th tribe was born within an inner circle of friends who wanted to create garments they wanted to wear. By combining modern simplicity with the high quality of New York craftsmanship, 10th tribe gained recognition in it's own birth place...Manhattan, New York.

This fall you can expect more simplistic, chic, edgy pieces from 10th tribe. Think sheer, asymmetrical lines, capes and the like. Pieces are that are perfect for dressing or dressing down. 

I am currently obsessed with this outfit from their most recent line. 

Check out more of 10th tribe!

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